Fenton Township Voters Favored Mitt Romney

A total of 72.08 percent of registered voters cast ballots in Fenton Township.

While voters across the country voted Barack Obama to a second term, Fenton Township voters favored Mitt Romney.

Romney received 5,280 votes (57.11 percent) of the vote in the Township, while Barack Obama tallied 3,786 (40.95 percent).

Fenton Township operations manager Tom Broecker said the official turnout in Fenton Township was around 72.08 percent. However, of the 12,828 registered voters, Broecker estimated 1,500 no longer live in the area, according to the post office, so he said the actual turnout was around 82 percent. The Township received 9,246 votes. There were 3,401 absentee ballots cast.

In 2008, there were 9,164 votes, a 76 percent turnout.

"We had more voters this time, but the percentages are kind of a moving target," Broecker said.

Overall Broecker said things went smoothly had that the working crew was done at the polls around 10 p.m. and all work was completed around midnight.

Precinct 4 had the largest turnout with 74.58 percent of the voters, while Precinct 1 had the lowest at 67.74 percent.

Fenton Township voters also favored Proposal 1 with 5,185 yes votes (56.08 percent) compared to 3,791 (41 percent) no votes. Voter in the Township, along with the rest of the country, overwhelmingly voted no on Proposal 2, with 5,943 (64.28 percent) no votes compared to 3,100 (33.53 percent) yes votes.

Sean Rosekrans November 08, 2012 at 10:53 PM
Too Bad So Sad you lost.


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